Quality Assurance Process

Quality Assurance Process

Quality Assurance or testing is indeed an imperative part of the software development process. The software development process is very challenging, and as lost of complexity is involved; we cannot ignore the chances of errors. The testing process helps use to detect the performance-killing bugs. However, application testing involves robust techniques to pinpoint errors and rectify them without affecting the overall cost and delivery time of the project.

At Lauruss Infotech, We have experienced and talented professionals who have mastery over different advanced testing methods. Our QA professionals have remarkable knowledge of the software programming, and well-versed with testing any app on different devices, carriers and languages. Lauruss Infotech is one of the premium offshore web and mobile app development companies in India, and have an extensive clientele that include webmasters, companies and individual worldwide. We are resourceful and have technical expertise for implementing the entire software testing cycle, starting from project analysis to deployment.

How Do We Assure Quality?

Lauruss Infotech combines a systematic approach for quality assurance/testing-

After consulting with project manager, our QA team draft a test plan depending upon the Software Requirement Specifications (SRS), test cases and other details.

Test Execution:
After proposing the test plan and getting approval on the test case, Lauruss’s well-trained testers start testing work on the application. We use a range of proven software testing techniques.

Reporting Bugs:
The bugs or error found in our online system are reported to the developers in the form of screen shots and other graphical tools.

Fixing Bugs:
After getting bug report, our developers technically fix them, test them, and again send to the QA department for verification before releasing it.

Testing Types At Lauruss Infotech

User Interface Test:
This test is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the app. It thoroughly checks the extent of effective end user interaction with the mobile or web application. Additionally, it also evaluates the extent to which the app can direct the user’s action and enforce a consistent interaction. User Interface test also helps in-

  • Ensuring the application works as per the client’s requirement and incorporate other attributes of the analyzed model
  • Finding out errors related specifically to interfaces working mechanism
  • Ensuring that the end users should find the application design friendly and easy to access. There should not be any confusion between application content and design.

Navigation Test:
At Lauruss Infotech, we perform navigation test on the application to make sure that the navigation semantics and syntax are added perfectly. We make it certain that the application navigation should work well with the hardware of the device. This test ensures that users land on app screen easily and navigate the application smoothly.

Usability Test:
Usability test is done for evaluating the applications by testing it on end users. This test entirely focuses on measuring the application’s capacity to meet its ultimate objective. Lauruss Infotech conducts an on-demand User Acceptance Test (UAT) in which the application is tested by the end users. We share the testing guidelines via formal communication and make sure that they understand it properly and check user-friendliness of the application.

Network Test:
Network Testing ensure compliance of the application with different network carriers such as Wi-Fi, 3G, etc. Here, we test the flexibility and performance of the app under these networks and ensures smooth functionality of the app.