Live Wallpaper Development

Live Wallpaper Development

Android Live Wallpaper Development

We specialize in creating eye-feasting vibrant screen pictures that look vibrant on the Android devices. Live Android wallpapers have gained tremendous response and recognition from the users since the launch of very early version of OS, and therefore, today, almost all Devices comes with loads of standard vibrant display images. But, the creative users always crave for having vibrant screen pictures for their device any compromise on quality and look.

Lauruss’s Live Wall Paper Development For Android Devices

Since the launch of Android 2.1, we have been making vibrantscreen images for respective operating system’s glasses. Our screen images are vibrant, enticing and capable of magnetizing users by reacting different to different events. Lauruss live wallpaper team has developed extensive Apps powered by Android and understand how these apps interact with the OS. While designing any screen pictures, we try our best to cover maximum and different features without pressurizing the CPU.

You can get animated display pictures featuring different facilities such as 3D drawing, 2 D drawing, accelerometers, etc. At Lauruss Infotech, our live wallpaper developers can create feature-rich and animated screen images for this OS platforms.

We create feature-rich vibrant screen pictures that work well on different devices. Count on us for getting pocket-friendly, effective and user-friendly custom Android live wallpaper development.

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