Lauruss Developers reveal TOP Cloud Computing Trends in 2014

Cloud Computing is the latest trendsetter in the IT industry. Over 60 % of current small and medium businesses have been using cloud computing, and 72 % of those 60% are using this technology to virtualize their servers. If we get an eyeful of the current trend, it seems cloud computing will bring some remarkable trends in coming year i.e. 2014 and expected to redefine everything starting from infrastructure, software, customized security, etc. significantly.

Here are some prominent cloud computing trends to keep eyes on in the upcoming year, such as-

Hybrid Clouds

Finally, the most heated debate over public cloud versus private cloud architecture will meet a conclusion in 2014. Hybrid clouds architecture combines merits of both clouds such as it is scalable just like private cloud, and take care of your pocket identical to public clouds, and therefore, expected become first choice of cloud-based infrastructure.

Industrial Internet

As in 2014, technology will be more advanced; solutions will incorporate more intelligent machines, complicated data analytics and high-end user application, etc. Hence, industrial internet will be seen as a prerequisite for all major industries in near future. Cloud computing platforms are all set to make software-defined machines more intelligent, operable and controllable.

Web-powered Applications

As Cloud computing offers two main key benefits namely, scalability and efficiency, it has become essential to have cloud-based applications. Combining HTML5, JavaScript and other technologies, the web will emerge as a powerful platform for cloud based applications.

BYOD and Personal cloud

Enterprise environment is already recognizing the BYOD movement presence, and it is expected to become louder in 2014. End users store and share their personal data through personal cloud services via syncing, streaming and storage; IT experts are finding technologies such as Mobile Device Management to connect personal clouds to the enterprise environment.

PaaS Solutions

Many companies are stepping ahead to adopt PaaS solutions in the coming years. PaaS allows businesses to reduce IT costs while speeding up application development via efficient testing and deployment.

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