Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

There has been a drastic change occurred in the internet browsing habits of online users in the past decade. People prefer to access internet on their smartphones rather than on computer devices, and therefore, mobile websites are expected to gain more preference over the computer websites in the year 2015. The transformation is clearly visible as companies now demand for responsive designs that work well on multiple screens.

Generally, the screen resolution of a webpage is exclusively defined for desktop computer, and if you try to run the website on mobile screen, alignment and other elements lose the synchronization. But, in responsive web design, a web page adjusts itself with the elements according to the screen size and display parameter, which keeps the look & feel of the website intact.

We Employ Proven Digital Strategies

There is a psychological difference occur when a user explore a website on a mobile and when on desktop. You check a website on your smartphone on-the-go basis whereas spend more time when you’re on desktop. So, a mobile website gets less time to sustain attention of the potential customer, and hence, you need to make sure that you site has the right content to convey the message properly without leaving anything hidden.

We Are Technology-Adaptive

Responsive web designing demands a perfect blend of technical skills and years of experience. Lauruss Infotech has a team of responsive web designers, graphic designers, expert HTML5, XML and CSS3 coders. We focus on progressive enhancement that empowers a webpage to evaluate the device’s capacity and loads the content elements accordingly.

Our Responsive Website Design- Be Mobile. Be Flexible.

Our skilled and experienced responsive web designers create flexible layers so that the design works well on any screen size. Additionally, we organize content using an interactive interact to enhance the user experience significantly.

Key Elements of Our Responsive Web Designs

Lauruss Infotech create website that run well on different screen size without messing up the core features. Here are some prominent features of our responsive web designs-

  • We don’t just convert a desktop design into a mobile site. Instead, we do thorough research and understand the business goal first.
  • We have in-house web designers, graphic designers, 3D designers, and multimedia stores.
  • We always follow ‘one eye, one thumb’ rule while developing a responsive websites for smartphones.
  • Our designers stay updated with latest programming such as responsive Java Scrip, etc.
  • We separate the layers as per the complexities
  • We provide simple, but effective layers, design and content to make your adaptive website successful.

If you want to transform your outdated website into a responsive web design, hire our responsive web designers. Just give us a call at +1.209.682.5815(U.S.A) & +91.87589.00099 (India) and get high quality services at the best price.